Washington Data BootcampTM

Begin a rewarding new career path. Gain an essential new skill. Earn a Data Analytics certificate from WSU-Everett.

Learn data analytics in 20 weeks.

Next Session: January 16, 2024

Build a Meaningful Career

Start a career that is in high demand in all industries. The Bootcamp provides the skills needed to start on a path for one of the most rewarding careers with both career advancement and compensation opportunities.

Learn Critical Skills

In our digital economy, understanding the power of data and how to turn it into meaningful information provides critical insights for strategic decisions of business. Be part of impacting the growth and resiliency of your business.

Remove Barriers to Getting Started

The Bootcamp gets you started in your career in a short period of time, provides a schedule that allows you to continue working while in the Bootcamp and helps you with employment.

“The needs of our workforce are changing every single day and this partnership will help equip Washington state workers with the skills they need to stay competitive in an increasingly global

~Senator Patty Murray

“Supporting the WA Data Bootcamp is an impactful way to promote the critical need in our region for educated data analytics specialists and encourage further exploration of this exciting field.”

~WSU Everett Chancellor Paul Pitre

“NWIRC has been assisting innovative entrepreneurs and startups in northwest Washington for over a decade. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with WSU Everett to increase the number of workers who can build skills important for accelerating innovation and economic growth in our area.”

~NWIRC Executive Director Diane Kamionka

Get Started Now

Be part of the new workforce of data analysts.

Data Analytics is one of the fastest growing fields and most sought-after jobs in Washington State and the US.  Indeed.com claims the average base salary of a Data Scientist in Washington State is $129,108.  Glassdoor.com ranks Data Analysts as the second-best job in overall satisfaction.

Learn to use the easy tools to turn data into meaningful information for the strategic innovation of your company’s future direction. Start your career path as a data analysts and move to a future as a Chief Data Officer

Washington Data BootcampTM

Career Accelerator

The goal of the WA Data BootcampTM curricula is to quickly provide students, who start with basic mathematics skills, with the necessary skills to be Data Science and Data Analytics introductory or technician levels positions.

The WA Data Bootcamp™ provides the necessary skills in 20 weeks so students can get to work sooner and pursue additional training and education after they have started in their career. Think of the Washington Data Bootcamp as a career accelerator.

The Bootcamp curriculum is organized so you can continue working while you learn. With an average of 20-25 hours per week, you achieve this career goal.

Data Professionals

Your Instructional Team

The WA Data BootcampTM is taught by a team of Data Professionals led by Dr. Nella Ludlow, President of Quanta Logica. Dr. Ludlow is professor at two national universities, teaching Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. She also has a successful history of working in data analytics, as well as her successful entrepreneurial career.  Dr Ludlow was the WSU Director of Data Analytics and continues to teach Data Analytics there.   The Bootcamp will take a “business-focus” rather than a “technology-focus” approach to provide valuable insights for your ability to quickly contribute to the success of a business.

The Bootcamp is designed to be widely accessible to individuals seeking to have a skill that is in very high demand or to advance their current career.

business man making a presentation to a group

Application Steps

Fill out the application form at least one week before course start date.

As part of your application, you will be sent a link to a brief questionnaire. This is to provide the Instructor with an idea of what to expect regarding your general knowledge about elements relevant to data analytics.

Upon acceptance, you will be sent an email directing you to payment options.

*NOTE* If you are seeking support for tuition payment, please see the section regarding tuition and begin that process as soon as possible. Some of the options may take several weeks to complete.

After you have successfully completed the questionnaire, you will receive a link for the payment followed by login instructions for the Bootcamp online portal.

Bootcamp Details

The Bootcamp training is an instructor-led online course. The opportunity to ask questions from the instructor and interact with the other students in real time adds significantly to the knowledge you gain. It is structured to permit you to continue working while advancing to this exciting career. It is anticipated that it will take approximately 20-25 hours per week for class time plus homework.

The sessions are virtual.

  • Virtual training 6:00-8:00pm PT Tuesdays and Thursdays for live training sessions with Data Analytics Instructors
  • “Office hours” with the opportunity to meet with tutors and data experts to ask your questions.
  • Other materials are self-paced online modules.

The Bootcamp consists of three sessions.

Session 1 – 7 week Basic Data Analytics Skills

  • Brush up on Excel skills and learn more about how it is used with Data Analytics.
  • Visual programming methods using Orange. Orange is an open-source data visualization, machine learning and data mining toolkit. This is the ideal approach to quickly learn data skills for students that are not already familiar with a programming language.

Session 2 – 7 week Databases and Visualization

  • Learn the terminology and how to structure and make use of relational databases.
  • Use SQL and fundamental database concepts to create a normalized database, manipulate the data and extract the data from the database.
  • Learn how to convert business questions into SQL queries.

Session 3 – 6 week Real-world Applications

  • Learn to apply your new Data Skills. A real-world project will be covered. This is an ideal opportunity to work with actual data and present the results to a live panel of experts. The presentation material provides a valuable addition to your resume portfolio.

Optional Supplemental

  • For those who wish, a time will be set to provide information helpful for  resume writing for the Data Analyst, and a current snapshot of the Data Analytics business world.

Key Dates

Anticipated 2024 Dates
January 2024
July 2024

Introductory Class
Tuesday of week 1

Milestone Exam
Week 7

Milestone Exam
Week 14

Milestone Exam – Final
Tuesday of Week 20

Thursday of Week 20

Washington Data Bootcamp

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Bootcamp last?
It is a 20-week training that is focused on the essentials to become a Data Analyst. You may be able to work at your current job while taking this training.
Is the Bootcamp in person or virtual?

The Bootcamp training is delivered via two virtual sessions per week. With live instructors, you are able to ask questions and engage in discussion with other students in real time, thus providing an added value to the instruction.

How much time is required weekly?

The majority of the sessions are self-paced online modules, and virtual training 6:00-8:00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays for live training sessions with Data Analytics Instructors. The total time each week for both live training sessions and the self-paced modules will be between 20 -25 hours.

What is the cost?

Full tuition for the 20-week program is $8500. All work materials are provided as part of the Bootcamp.

What equipment, etc. do I need to participate?
You will need a wireless laptop running Microsoft Windows and a camera to access online material, participating in online classes, work on class projects, and to take exams. Microsoft® Word and Excel are tools that are used in class. Other software tools are provided during the course.
Are there options for payment of tuition?
  • Students may receive full or partial tuition reimbursement from their employer.
  • Students may qualify for a loan for full or partial tuition from Industrial Credit Union. There is no collateral and repayment begins after you complete the Bootcamp. Easy online application at Online Loan Application — Industrial Credit Union (industrialcu.org)
  • You may also qualify for support through a government workforce program.  To find out if you qualify, contact your County’s Workforce location. This process can take a few weeks, so please get started as soon as you can.
    Is there a required prerequisite skill or experience level?

    You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to demonstrate your current level of knowledge regarding elements pertinent to data analytics.

    The course teaches the entry-level mathematics, statistics, and data science skills necessary to become an entry-level data Analyst.

    What happens if I am unable to complete the course?

    The course cumulatively builds upon previous material throughout the 20-week curricula. Each of the three units have evaluations — Units 1 and 2 evaluations are written exams, while Unit 3’s evaluation is an instructor scoring of students’ presentation of their group final project. Passing score for each is 70%.

    If you have trouble with a section, and need additional assistance, we offer help sessions with access to instructors. Our goal is to help you master the topic.

    If you do not meet the 70% passing score for either a written exam or final project presentation on your first attempt, you will be allowed to restudy and retake the evaluation, within 60-days for a total of three attempts.

    What are the career opportunities for graduates of this program?
    Data Analytics is one of the fastest growing fields and most sought after for skilled workers. Washington State is known for its tech businesses, and they value Data Analysts.
    What is the background of the lead instructor?
    Dr. Nella Ludlow leads the team of instructors. She has a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and Physical Sciences from Washington State University, a Masters in Computer Science from Wright State University, and PhD in Artificial Intelligence from University of Edinburgh, and did Post-Doctoral studies in Artificial Intelligence at University of Cambridge, England. She also has been CEO of three tech companies, one that she took public on the New York Stock Exchange. Dr Ludlow was the WSU Director of Data Analytics and currently teaches Data Analytics at WSU and is the Director of Quantum Computing at Wright State University. She has designed this course to visually understand Data Analytics concepts and has the perfect blend of Math, Computer Science, AI, plus Business skills to help you get a jump start on your Data Analytics career.
    Is there a work experience element of the course?
    Yes! This course gives you real-world knowledge and useful skills that employers seek. In the final six-week session of the 20-weeks, you will work on a real-world problem and provide a presentation of the results to a panel of industry experts. This exhibits the sum of your Bootcamp training as well as provides examples suitable for inclusion in your resume or other requirements to demonstrate your knowledge of data analytics.


      • Full tuition for the 20-week program is $8500.
      • The demand for Data Analysts is high making it difficult for businesses to benefit from this critical skill.   Businesses and government programs may be available to help you defer the costs of the Bootcamp so you can become part of this valuable career.
      • If you are employed, check out the options of your employer subsidizing all or part of your tuition.
      • If you are challenged finding a job, a veteran or transitioning out of the military, you may qualify for government programs for tuition support and other expenses associated with this Bootcamp.
      • Students may qualify for a loan for full or partial tuition from Industrial Credit Union. There is no collateral and repayment begins after you complete the Bootcamp. Easy online application at Online Loan Application — Industrial Credit Union (industrialcu.org)
      • You may also qualify for support through a government workforce program.  To find out if you qualify, contact your County’s Workforce location. This process can take a few weeks, so please get started as soon as you can.


        Provides optional elements to help students prepare for and seek employment upon completion of the course.

        WA Date Bootcamp Path to Emplyment Success Program

        Goal: To provide training and assistance to current Bootcamp participants providing the best opportunity to successfully land a job in data analytics after successful completion of workshop.

        Four aspects of the program

        • Resume development: best practices in either enhancing current resume to highlight new skills or develop a new resume with the necessary pivot to accentuate past experience with new knowledge.
        • Interview preparation: learning from current professionals in the field of data analytics, review interview techniques and questions through a panel discussion.
        • Networking: How to utilize current connections and new contacts to discover opportunities and increase chances of landing interviews.
        • LinkedIn Upgrade: Utilizing business social media to find employment, develop LinkedIn resume, and make yourself discoverable to potential employers.

        Next Session: January 16, 2024